Dispatch and Records Management – or who’s doing what where and when

Dispatch and Records Management – or who’s doing what where and when

I finally made time to get a run down on the Competitive Edge data management web-based software, Report Exec, and I’m glad I did. It’s thoughtfully constructed, for ease of use, bargain-priced and covers a whole lot of ground. It not only helps dispatch University police, SRO’s, (or any other staff) but keeps track of all the fine details – names, dates, times, incidents, license plates, etc. – and in most cases writes the initial report for you and keeps it on file.

Although you have the option of loading it on your own servers, the easiest approach is to let Competitive Edge run the show, including all maintenance and upgrade functions. It is fully customizable, allowing you to construct a variety of reports, from bar charts to pie charts, along with conventional spread sheets, that can illustrate where bullying occurs, at what time of day, and which students are involved.

The set-up and operations are intuitive, so headaches are kept to a minimum in terms of training staff on its many functions. You can run an individual student’s name and instantly find all entries, fully detailed. You can integrate existing data bases, such as contact lists, and initiate mass notification. Used district-wide, it allows new schools to catch up on a student’s history from other schools, rather than having to start from scratch. It can also check in visitors and run their names through your data base, instantly pulling up any notes or warnings you should be aware of, and if you pick up a scanning device it can use visitors’ identification cards to run checks and print out a customized ID card. All for a fraction the cost of comparable products, and with more added value. Support services are prompt, friendly and wrapped into the deal. Give them a call and they can set up a personal webinar to walk you through the fine details. They’ll even set you up with a free trial. Contact them at 1-414-423-9800 or through their website, www.reportexec.com


Tod Schneider
Written by Tod Schneider

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    April 02, 2015

    Interesting how it ties in with parking data. Good video also. thanks for posting.