My current, primary focus is:

ENDING HOMELESNESS/ SHELTERING THE DISPOSSESSED — I am honored to serve as Executive Director of Community Supported Shelters, an effective, innovative agency that builds Conestoga huts and intentional communities for the homeless, based in Eugene, Oregon. (more…)

I also specialize in:


SAFE SCHOOL DESIGN — I’ve inspected schools internationally and helped them figure out how to make things safer, better, healthier and more fun. One area I’m emphasizing is Crisis Planning and Management for Students with Access, Functional Needs (AFN) or other Disabilities

I’ve also consulted regarding a wide variety of other environments, ranging from parks and bike paths to homeless camps, businesses, private non-profits, public housing and nursing homes. In all cases, my philosophy draws on SAFE, HEALTHY AND POSITIVE ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN (SHAPED) and CRIME PREVENTION THROUGH ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN (CPTED) concepts. (more…) 



STORYTELLING/POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT – If you’d like to try something a little offbeat that painlessly promotes and interweaves safe, positive, respectful behavior, leadership and cooperation with highly participatory storytelling, invite me to visit your elementary classes. My approach builds on trust, kindness, validation and children’s wild imaginations. I served for years as the resident interactive storyteller, poet and positive behavior coach at the Family School in Eugene, Oregon. (more…)



PERSONAL SAFETY/CONFRONTATION MANAGEMENT — I teach highly practical seminars on confrontation management, dealing with difficult customers, or surviving encounters with annoying people. These workshops are customized to meet your needs. I spent 10 years working with a street outreach clinic and 29 years as a police department crime prevention specialist. (more…)







INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH / REFUGEE SUPPORT  In league with international partners, I have conducted qualitative research in communities suffering from economic inequities, health disparities, social injustice and related challenges in Haiti and Greece.  In the U.S. I  am currently focused on working with Central American refugees seeking asylum. (more…)