My most recent writing adventure is a children’s picture book, Catching Dinos, drawn from my Uncle Bunkle stories, a collection that evolved over a period of years.

News flash! Dinosaurs have been spotted running wild through the neighborhood, scaring the cats and knocking over garbage cans.

Actual Photo.  Real drawing!

Fortunately, children have proven to be particularly good at dinosaur wrangling, as documented in the centuries old, recently released enormous, fancy tiny book, Catching Dinos.

Well-intentioned, quirky, and perhaps in over his head, Uncle Bunkle rambles on about what to do when dinosaurs descend on your neighborhood. His sage advice ranges from catching dinos (using nets, whistles, and animal crackers) to taming them (with long walks and invitations to dinner) and ultimately teaching them how to fit in. Tips along the way include how to dress and be polite, and specifically who not to eat (anyone who talks, screams, squawks, rolls or walks.)

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ISBN 979-8-88679-460-1

Class Visits

If you’d like to try something a little offbeat that painlessly promotes and interweaves safe, positive, respectful behavior, leadership and cooperation with highly participatory storytelling, invite me to visit your elementary classes. My approach builds on trust, kindness, validation and children’s wild imaginations. I served for a dozen years as a visiting interactive storyteller at the Family School in Eugene, Oregon.

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