Personal Safety

Personal Safety

I offer customized consulting and training workshops on personal safety, sex offenders, hostile customers, confrontation management, violence theory and productive communication.

My adult seminars emphasize non-violent de-escalation techniques applicable to a wide variety of conflict scenarios, ranging from angry customers and difficult employees to distressed family members, clients and co-workers. Customized fundamental and follow-up sessions can combine lecture, role plays, planning assistance, group work and priming for productive communication beyond the crisis point.


Over the past decade I’ve provided confrontation management and safety consultations, assessment and training to countless organizations, primarily in Oregon, including:

  • Mt. Pisgah conservation area
  • Broward County schools, Florida
  • Oregon Dept. of Human Services
  • Halfway House Inc.
  • Willamette Valley Cancer Institute
  • Mountain Rose Herbs
  • Northwest Credit Unions Association
  • Lane County
  • Willamette Family Treatment Services
  • Headstart
  • U.S. Bank
  • Trillium Healthcare
  • American Society of Safety Engineers
  • Bahzhiser Engineering
  • Serenity Lane
  • Eugene Parks Department
  • Eugene Water and Electric Board
  • Medical Office Assistants Association
  • International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
  • Lane County Legal Aid
  • Temple Beth Israel
  • Oregon Recreation and Parks Association
  • Eugene Public Works
  • SAIF
  • Pacific Continental Bank
  • Cascade Health Solutions
  • Women in Construction
  • Landlord Tenant Association
  • Pain Management Associates
  • National Association of Housing Officials
  • Valley West Nursing Home

Who I am and how to reach me.
My expertise comes from 10 years in crisis intervention and 29 years as a police department crime prevention specialist. I am also a certified trainer for the Second Step Violence Prevention curriculum at the Elementary level, and a nationally recognized authority on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Safe Healthy and Positive Environmental Design (S.H.A.P.E.D.) safe school design, personal safety, violence prevention, confrontation management, and related topics. Over the past two decades I have consulted  regularly to schools, educational groups and related government and private organizations,  such as the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities within the National Institute of Buildings in Washington, D.C. where I have served as a writer and consultant on safe, healthy and positive school design,  and the application of security technologies. I have served groups in California, Oregon, Indiana, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Mississippi, Georgia and Louisiana over the past half dozen years, working with the Oregon Safe Schools Summit, the Indianapolis Schools, the Rollins School of Public Health, the Northwest Regional Education Lab,the Hamilton Fish Institute, Safe Havens International, School Planning and Management, College Planning and Management, the California Department of Education, and the U.S. Department of Education Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools. I am a certified Second Step violence prevention curriculum instructor at the Elementary level, as well as resident poet and storyteller at the Family School in Eugene, Oregon. I was one of the first board members for the International CPTED association, and was a founding member of the Safe Cascadia Network, a Pacific Northwest-based group supporting SafeGrowth, a sustainable model for building safer communities.

I can be reached at  or 541-543-1774.