Tod Schneider

894 W. 4th Ave.
Eugene, Oregon, USA
Tel.  541-543-1774



I have over thirty years of experience in crime prevention and social services, including twenty years as a private consultant on designing safe, functional schools, clinics, government buildings and other institutions.  Responsibilities have included conducting extensive site reviews, identifying risks, suggesting mitigation options, training staff, and developing crisis communication and emergency response plans.


Experience overview:

As an adjunct analyst, private safety consultant and career crime prevention specialist, I have inspected and provided consultations to hundreds of schools throughout the United States, emphasizing application of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts. I am senior author of the book, Safe School Design for Schools, (ERIC Clearinghouse 2000). In recent work as an adjunct analyst with Safe Havens International (SHI), I conducted site assessments, security scenario interviews, and student focus groups in hundreds of schools in Georgia and Florida (2018-2019). I also drafted a comprehensive crisis response planning guide for serving people with Access and Functional Needs for the Atlanta school district.

Medical facilities, clinic design, safety and security consulting and training has included:

  • Workplace training seminar, Cascade Health Solutions, Eugene, Oregon (This seminar was taped for repeated use training employees.) 6/14/2019
  • Men Nan Men site visit, Post-earthquake surveying, Port au Prince, Haiti, on developing a health sciences campus, with InterSCT consulting and Foundation for Peace 9/2015
  • Security Consultation, Willamette Family Treatment Services, Eugene, Oregon 2014
  • CPTED consult, Eugene Hearing and Speech, Eugene, Oregon 1/7/2014
  • Confrontation Management Training, Trillium Healthcare, Eugene, OR 1/18/13
  • Confrontation Management, Serenity Lane, Eugene, OR 10/23/12
  • Confrontation Management, Lane Co. Public Health, Eugene, OR 08/30/12
  • Confrontation Management, Medical Office Assistants Assoc., Eugene, OR 06/21/12
  • CPTED consult, Lane Blood Bank, Eugene, OR 04/03/12
  • Personal Safety for Medical workers, Cascade Health Solutions Eugene, OR 2009
  • CPTED analysis, Eugene Hearing and Speech Center, Eugene, OR 03/04/2008
  • Confrontation Management, Pain Management Associates, Eugene, OR 10/3/07
  • Confrontation Management, Valley West Nursing Home, Eugene, OR 06/08/2007


Adjunct Analyst, Safe Havens International, Macon, Georgia. Inspecting school facilities and crisis plans throughout the United States, from Bend, Oregon to Tampa, Florida. (2000 – 2019)

Safety consultant, Safe School Design, Eugene, Oregon (Private consultant). Inspecting facilities and providing confrontation management seminars. This included recent refugee research and advocacy work in Haiti and Greece, but primarily focused on Oregon (2000-2019)

Agency Director, White Bird Clinic,  Eugene, OR 1980 –1982

Veterans Homelessness Analyst, City Manager’s Office, Eugene, Oregon. Coordinating city, county, federal, public and private resources to end homelessness for veterans. (2014-2015)

Community Service Officer/ Crime Prevention Specialist, Eugene Police Department. Violence and crime prevention instructor throughout the community, including workplace, women’s, seniors, and child safety. Facilities safety inspections for city and county facilities, private businesses, social service agencies and all schools county-wide. (1986-2014)

Communication Specialist, Central Lane Communications (9-1-1) call-taker. Police, fire and medical emergencies. (1985 – 1987)


Community Educator, Lane County Council on Alcoholism, Eugene. (1983 – 1985) Lecturing and writing; alcoholism and other substance abuse related topics.

Agency Director, White Bird Clinic, Eugene, Oregon (1980-1982)


Community Service


Advocate, Oregon Community Asylum Network (2019-present)

Board of Directors, Community Supported Shelter (2018)

Board of Directors, Womenspace domestic violence agency (2002-2010)

Board of Directors, Halfway House Inc., mental health facility (2000-2014)

Chair, Child and Family Violence subcommittee, Domestic Violence Council (2004-2010).


 Other Facility Design, Workplace Safety and Confrontation Management Projects:


Adjunct School Analyst, in Florida and Georgia, with Safe Havens International 2018-2019.

School Design consultation, Pivot Architecture, Mapleton, Oregon schools, 2/2017.

Veterans Homelessness Analyst for City of Eugene, Or. 10/2014 to 12/2015

Post-Incident Review Arapahoe High School Active-Shooter, Littleton, Colorado, team member with Safe Havens International 2014-2015

Workplace Violence, Oregon Department of Human Services 10/14/2015-10/15/2015

Thesis Jury Consultant, on Bullying and Design, Arizona State University Design School 5/2015

Confrontation Management for Mental Health Group Homes, Halfway House Inc, Or. 5/2015

Comprehensive School Inspection projects, in conjunction with Safe Havens International, Orlando, Fl 3/2014, Bend LaPine schools 9/2014

Threat assessment and workplace safety, Mountain Rose Herbs, Eugene, Or 2/25/2014
Keynote speech, Personal Safety, Northwest Credit Unions, Springfield, Or. 1/16/2014
Confrontation Management, County employees, Eugene, Or. 1/23/2014
Confrontation Management, Headstart, Eugene, Oregon 2013
CPTED consult, MLK Education Center, Serbu Juvenile Justice Center, Eugene,2013
Personal Safety, US Bank, Eugene, Oregon 2013

CPTED consult, Bethel school district, OR Spring 2013
Workplace violence strategies, American Society of Safety Engineers, Springfield, OR 01/15/13
CPTED consult, Sprout project, NEDCO, Springfield, OR 01/15/13
School CPTED consult, Life Lutheran Elementary School, Eugene, OR 01/19/13
Security consult, Lane County Historical Museum, Eugene, OR 01/03/13
Confrontation Management, Balzhiser Engineering, Eugene, OR 11/07/12
Personal Safety,  Children with Disabilities, Springfield, OR 10/24/12
Confrontation Management, Dept. Human Services, Springfield, OR 09/11/12
Park Safety consult, Eugene Parks Dept., Eugene, OR 08/23/12
Confrontation Management, EWEB, Eugene, OR 08/07/12
CPTED consult, Whilamut Nature Reserve, Eugene, OR 07/06/12
Confrontation Management, EWEB, Leaburg, OR 06/20/12
Confrontation Management, ISTE, Eugene, OR 06/08/12
Confrontation Management, Legal Aid, Eugene, OR 04/11/12
Confrontation Management, HHI, Eugene, OR 03/22/12
CPTED review, UO Architecture program, Eugene, OR 03/16/12
CPTED consult, Sheltercare, Springfield, OR 02/29/12
School safety, Montessori, Eugene, OR 02/28/12
School safety, NW Youth Corps, Eugene, OR 02/22/12
Security consult, Temple Beth Israel, Eugene, OR 02/23/12
Internet safety, St. Paul’s Catholic School, Eugene, OR 02/02/12
West University neighborhood project/SafeCascadia group, Eugene, OR 2012
School Design presentation, NSSEA Conference, San Antonio, TX 2011
Holladay Park inspection, Portland, OR 2011
School inspections, Linn-Benton-Lincoln County Educational Service District 2009-2011.
International Conference on Safe Schools Design, Next-Generation School Safety, Johnson and Wales University/ Schoolsafetypartners.org/ Denver, Co. 04/23/2010.New School Security Technology and Mass Notification for Universities briefing papers, National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities,  (quarterly updates, 2008 to 2010)
Confrontation Management for Parks Workers, ORPA, OR 01/30/2008
Confrontation Management for Parks Workers, Eugene Public Works 03/05/2008
Personal Safety, SAIF, 052109
Personal Safety, Pacific Continental Bank 060909
CPTED, Trainsong Park Neighborhood, Health Policy Research NW, Spring 2009
Women’s Safety, Women in Construction, OR. 3/5/2008
Confrontation Management for Landlords, Eugene, Or 3/20/2008
CPTED consult, Northwest Youth Corps, OR 02/21/08
Child abuse disclosure trainer, Head Start, Eugene, OR 02/12/08
Security coordination, Project Homeless Connect, OR 02/07/2008
Writer, New School Security Technology, National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities, Washington, DC 2/2008.
School Safety and Security Workshops, School Planning and Management and College Planning and Management magazines, Baltimore, MD 11/2007
Workplace violence, SAIF, OR 11/15/2007
Hamilton Fish Annual Meeting, School Safety, Washington, D.C. 10/30/2007
Intensive School CPTED training, Indianapolis Schools, 10/17/2007
CPTED, Construction Specifications Institute 09/27/2007
Confrontation Management, National Association of Housing Officials, OR 09/19/2007
Confrontation Management, Eugene Parks Maintenance, 08/29/2007
Consultant, New Orleans Community Summit on School to Jail Pipeline, OJJDP/ Hamilton Fish Institute 8/7/2007
Editor, School Safety and Technology Guide, Northwest Regional Education labs, Portland, OR 2007
School Crisis Response Trainer, Safe and Drug Free Schools national conference for annual grant recipients, San Antonio, TX 2007
Park safety and Pedophiles, Eugene Parks 06/06/2007
Confrontation Management, Employers’ Council of Oregon 05/09/2007
CPTED analysis, SERBU juvenile corrections facility 05/03/2007
CPTED, Crime Prevention Association of Oregon 04/24/2007
Realtor Safety, Windemere Realtors, OR, 04/13/2007
Confrontations Management for outreach workers, Options state conference, OR, 03/09/2007.
Confrontation Management, Oregon State Employment Division 02/15/2007
Security coordination, Project Homeless Connect 02/08/2007


 Publications list available upon request.


M.S., Journalism, University of Oregon, Honors society, 1982-83

B.S., Community Service and Public Affairs, University of Oregon, 1976-81

Extensive ongoing police training seminars (list available upon request)1984-2014

Spanish language intensives in Mexico 1991 and Guatemala 2003